Holy Thursday, April 17
          8:00 pm     Mass of the Lord’s Supper

      Good Friday, April 18
          1:00 pm     Way of the Cross for Children
          3:00 pm     Celebration of the Lord’s Passion
          7:30 pm     Stations of the Cross

      Holy Saturday, April 19
          7:30 pm    Easter Vigil

      Easter Sunday, April 20
          8:30 am and 11:00 am
      Sacrament of Reconciliation:   Holy Week     
          Saturday, April 19
              3:30 - 4:20 pm      
          The celebration of the Easter Triduum opens with the evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper (Holy Thursday), reaches its climax in the Easter Vigil, and closes with Evening Prayer on Easter Sunday.  We can consider all these events as part of the same Easter Liturgy.  Thus, we can readily see the importance and value of extra prayer, reflection, and works of charity during the intervals between Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday.

          In recent years, some of us have become accustomed to chatting with our neighbors in Church, before and after Mass.  Hopefully, we have done so while still respecting the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.
          Given the sacred nature of Holy Week, why not try to keep complete silence in the Church during this time, especially during the Triduum?  In this way, we may enter more fully into what God is doing for us during this most sacred time of the year.

          Our Holy Thursday Mass begins at 8:00 pm.
      This Mass includes the ceremony of the Washing of the Feet.         
          After Mass, there will be a procession around the  Church with the Blessed Sacrament to the Altar of Repose which will be in the Library.  Please remain in your pews in silence and quiet prayer until the altar has been stripped and the Presider has returned to the Sacristy.
          You may visit the Blessed Sacrament in the Library which will be open until 11 pm.  In our visits to the Church on Good Friday and Holy Saturday, we should focus on the empty tabernacle, symbolizing Jesus in the tomb.
      ATTN Committee Easter Food Drive

          As  Holy Week approaches,  the ATTN Committee will be holding the annual Easter Food Drive.  We request you bring a non-perishable food item to Church with you between Holy Thursday and Easter Sunday in order to restock the Food Room shelves.  Some suggestions might be tea, sugar, milk - tinned or powdered, tinned meats and vegetables, packages of macaroni and cheese, cereal, beans, peanut butter, pasta and pasta sauce or any food item you may wish to bring.  Thank you for your continued  support.
                                                                     ATTN Committee
      “The paschal fast should be observed on Good Friday and continued, when possible, on Holy Saturday.  In this way, the people of God will receive the joys of the Lord’s resurrection with uplifted and responsible hearts.”      (SOURCE:   Ordo)

      Centre for Life Good Friday Vigil
          The Centre for Life invites everyone to come on Good Friday, April 18,  from 9:00 am at St. David’s Presbyterian Church (98 Elizabeth Avenue)
          For any information, call 579-1500.

      Prayer Walk
          This Prayer Walk will begin at 9:30 am in the west parking lot  of the Health Sciences parking lot.

      Children’s Good Friday Way of the Cross Service
          There will be a Way of the Cross Service for children on Good Friday, April 18, 1:00 pm in the Church.  It will be approximately 30 - 40 minutes and is especially geared to children.  Parents and families are welcome.  
          Holy Communion is NOT part of this Liturgy.

      3:00 pm Liturgy
          This Liturgy includes the reading of the Passion, which is very long.  Please feel free to sit down at any time.  Holy Communion is part of this Liturgy.
          During the Good Friday Service, the assembly venerates the cross three times as it is brought in procession.  This year there will be NO individual veneration of small crucifixes during the Service.  Only the altar party will venerate the cross.  The Presider will then hold the large cross aloft for the assembly to venerate.   If you wish to venerate the cross in a personal manner, you may do so at the conclusion of the Service, or after it, for the remainder of the day.
      Commissariat of the Holy Land In Canada
      Good Friday Collection:                                   
          The mission of the Commissariat of the Holy Land is to help the Christian communities of the Holy Land.  It is made possible with the generosity of all the Catholics around the world.  Each year your support sustains apostolic and social works and the upkeep of the Holy Sites that have been entrusted to the Franciscans for Centuries.  Your support helps the Christians living in the Holy Land, their clinics, schools, and in other ways.  
          During the Good Friday Liturgy, your Parish in communion with the worldwide Church turns itself towards Jerusalem.  It commemorates Jesus, his sorrowful passion and his love for us and all humanity.
      Stations of the Cross
          This will be held Good Friday, April 18 at  7:30 pm in the Church.

      Easter Vigil
          The Congregation of Divine Worship tells us:
      “According to a most ancient tradition, this night is ‘one of vigil for the Lord’, and the vigil celebrated during it is to commemorate that holy night when the Lord rose from the dead.  It  is regarded as the ‘mother of all holy vigils’.  For on that night the Church keeps vigil, waiting for the resurrection of the Lord, and celebrates the sacraments of Christian initiation. The full meaning of vigil is a waiting for the coming of the Lord.
          SOURCE:   National Bulletin on Liturgy, Vol. 25, #130,  p. 168
      Food Blessing
          There will be blessing of  food in the Church at 10 am.  This is an Eastern European custom, but everyone welcome to bring some of your Easter  food to be blessed.
      Easter Vigil
          Our Easter Vigil Liturgy on Saturday, April 19 begins at 7:30 pm.   This year we do not have candidates being received into the Church.  However, let us pray for those who have been received in past years.  We will also be renewing our own Baptismal promises during this Liturgy.

      Easter Vigil Reception
          This will be held in the Parish Hall following the Easter Vigil.  All are welcome to attend.
          The  Parish Life  Committee is requesting donations of sweets or sandwiches to serve at these events.  It will be greatly appreciated.  You may drop off your donations between 2 and 4 pm on April 19 (Holy Saturday) or between 7 and 7:50 pm on the evening of the Vigil (Holy Saturday).    


          Easter Sunday Masses will be 8:30 and  11:00 am.
      Morning Coffee and Easter Egg Hunt
          This will be held in the Parish Hall following the  11:00 am Mass.  We will also have special activities for the children, including making an Easter Resurrection  Egg.


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              Saturday, May 10, 2014
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                11:30 am in the Church

               Sunday, May 11
               11 am in the Church
               (Archbishop Currie will be present

             Saturday, May 31, 2014
              First Communion Meeting and Practice
              11:30 am in the Church

             Sunday, June 1, 2014
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              at the 11 am Mass
             Reception to follow in the Parish Hall

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